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In the price-list you can find copper and aluminium sealing washers, repair kits.
The cost of paronite and fiber rings is also given.

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Company details

LLC “Trading house ShaibaTsentr” is one of the leading companies manufacturing and selling sealing washers in the Russian market.

Key feature of the company is the use of modern technologies, constant modernization of the technology park and diversification of manufacturing copper, aluminum, brass washers of various diameter, and also paronite, fiberboard and cardboard ring collars.

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Repair kits

Service and repair of any equipment cannot be carried out without spare parts.

Technical features

Copper annealing is a type of heat treatment. Thus copper can be made either softer, or firmer. Copper hardening is achieved upon slow cooling in the air, and copper acquires softness upon fast cooling in water. According to the technological process, copper is heated to the necessary temperature, kept for certain time and then quickly cooled in water. As a result, return processes (recovery of metal), recrystallization are performed.

The purposes of annealing are abating for the increase of machinability, structure improvement and achievement of better metal uniformity, stress relief.

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Delivery is conducted to all regions of Russia and also to the neighboring countries.
We work with the following transportation companies: Ratek, Deloviye Linii, ZhelDorEkspeditsiya, PEK, Courier-Service, KIT, Energiya and others.
Cargo delivery to the transportation company is carried out by our delivery man and forwarding agent daily.


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