Copper and aluminium sealing washers

Washer is a fastener, placed under a nut or head of the other fastener (a bolt, screw, male screw, self-tapping screw) for creation of a larger area of the bearing surface, prevention of the fastener loosening.

Sealing washers (gaskets) are intended for fixed sealing. As a rule, they are manufactured of special cardboard, paronite, fiber, asbestos cardboard, cork. Besides, pressed gaskets produced of a thin metal leaf (copper, aluminum, brass) are often used in modern models of engines. Such products are used for sealing of various connections. Use of copper as sealing material is caused by such its properties as ductility and corrosion resistance. It allows to use copper washers in systems with high pressure, such as, hydraulic, brake and air systems. LLC «Trading House ShaibaTsentr» manufactures washers with various external and internal diameter. Finished products are from 0,3 to 5,0 mm thick. Download the price list.

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