Technical features

Copper annealing is a type of heat treatment. Thus copper can be made either softer, or firmer. Copper hardening is achieved upon slow cooling in the air, and copper acquires softness upon fast cooling in water. According to the technological process, copper is heated to the necessary temperature, kept for certain time and then quickly cooled in water. As a result, return processes (recovery of metal), recrystallization are performed.

The purposes of annealing are abating for the increase of machinability, structure improvement and achievement of better metal uniformity, stress relief.

Purification of copper — to remove oxides and render the product marketable, copper undergoes special technological process of purification, the final stage of which is immunization. Immunization of metals is a technological process of rust protection of metals. The purpose of immunization is to make the metal surface inactive to natural air.

After annealing and purification, copper hardness coefficient does not exceed 45 HB.

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